YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Newington's legislative team

Published on Sunday, 27 September 2020 20:40
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To the Editor:

My state representative in Newington, Gary Turco, helped me to accomplish an extraordinary goal in legislation on which I had been working for five years.

My efforts were unsuccessful until Gary, state Senator Matt Lesser and Newington state Representative Kerry Wood formed the perfect team and made the stars align.

In June 2019, Gov. Lamont signed legislation mandating insurance coverage for supplemental screening tests (breast ultrasounds and MRIs) for women with dense breast tissue following an inconclusive mammogram.

Forty percent of women have dense breast tissue, and supplemental testing is imperative if breast cancer is to be detected early. Early detection undoubtedly saves lives. The first time I met him, Gary immediately understood the urgency of passing this law. Gary is indefatigable and smart. He has boundless energy and is devoted to the people of Newington. I feel exactly the same way about Kerry Wood and Matt Lesser.

Based on their achievements, I will happily be voting to reelect Gary Turco and Matt Lesser. I don’t live in Kerry Wood’s district, but if I did, she would unquestionably have my vote. I encourage you to join me in voting to re-elect Newington’s fantastic legislative team!

Jan and Harold Kritzman


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