YOUR VIEW: Does Angelico-Stetson support the police?

Published on Tuesday, 6 October 2020 20:41
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To the Editor:

Does Stetson support our police?

If JoAnn Angelico-Stetson supports our police, then why hasn’t she made any statements regarding the Police Accountability Bill? The Berlin Democrat Town Committee stated that their candidate showed her support of the police by voting for a new police station, which was years ago.

FACT: Berlin citizens voted down the police station due to cost (less than $21 million), additional (and unaffordable) debt load alongside a new high school and a likely increase in taxes. Her vote demonstrated a lack of concern for the financial impact to the taxpayers.

The more common-sense, and fiscally responsible, decision was for her to support the renovation of the current police station.

Cody Whiteside

East Berlin

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