YOUR VIEW: We need to make sure we keep our communities safe

Published on Monday, 26 October 2020 21:08
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To the Editor:

As a New Britain worker, I’m seeing firsthand even more endangered streets and shooting throughout Connecticut.

If you live or work in New Britain, you know if you feel safer today walking down the streets.

I work in the bail bonds industry. I help offenders get their freedom back while making sure they will be brought to justice when they failed to appear in court. Bail is an insurance that brings accountability. Without accountability then why have laws or law enforcement?

We need to teach our new generations a simple truth. Actions have consequences. It’s often laughable when you think that a country can be run on cashless bail as proposed by Kamala Harris. It’s not possible to have cashless bail without endangering the safety of local communities like New Britain.

Covid-19 allowed for the release of hundreds of inmates, unfortunately in other states these offenders were caught committing the same crimes again. The catch and release program is not the answer to eliminate crime in the streets nor to make bail affordable. Victims deserve to see justice when an offender truly committed a crime.

When someone is accused of a crime you can’t just give them a court date without securing their appearance in court. It’s called accountability. Offenders have the right to remain free as long as they show up to court and if they don’t, bail agents would bring them to court.

Remember that bail is only possible when a Judge considers that they are not a danger to society. Young offenders who are not seeing the effect of laws are getting the wrong message in my opinion. Bail is not a punishment, when set reasonably, bail works. It also allows for family of offenders to get involved and offer help. Families make the decision to bail someone out or not.

Get yourself informed and vote this November. We all need to keep our communities safe.

Jhady Rios

New Britain

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