YOUR VIEW: Much of our future is on the table

Published on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 21:28
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To the Editor:

Reflecting on my own coronavirus exposure, I wish to send those who reached out another round of thanks along with a message to the community.

With all that has changed this year, and more recently all that has not, I hope you (the reader) recognize the need to vote. Regardless of either major presidential candidate’s age, party, outdated views, or lack of character at times, we need to acknowledge that we still have no plan forward to fight the coronavirus. All we have is, “Maybe this week it’ll be OK.” It almost never is.

Evictions, fires, flood response, hurricane response, disease mitigation, food lines, voting lines; pay no mind to who or what party’s fault they are at the moment. That time will come.

What is presently important is how those who can respond to these scenarios have chosen to respond. Right now, it is the president and his leadership clique that have actively and consciously to their personal benefit, misled honest people who fall to fear, into the atomic crater where greener pastures once were. 225,000+ victims of neglect and their families cannot celebrate New Year’s Eve the way they had last year. We could have prevented that. Much of our future is still on the table and it truly depends on the upcoming election.

We normally vote for our own interests but this year, I am voting for those families too. We ought not to brand our streets on how we treat those who are insulated from today’s problems, but on how we treat those who are vulnerable.

With this virus, vulnerability is something each of us carries. Think: What attitudes towards the vulnerable (You and I) would your vote amplify? Our bottom line should be that we do not elect our representatives to they ride along on times they inherit, desirable or not. We elect them to successfully navigate the issues at hand. We do not need a miracle like the president pleas. We need a plan with which science agrees.

Nathan “Nate” Simpson

New Britain

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