Malloy releases new cybersecurity strategy

Published on Monday, 10 July 2017 22:05
Written by Angie DeRosa

Staff Writer

HARTFORD-To help protect the state’s cybersecruity defenses, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy released the Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy Monday.

The document outlines seven principles - leadership, literacy, preparation, response, recovery, communication and verification - that can be applied to every person, organization, government agency and business in the state.

It was produced through the Department of Administrative Services by Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer Arthur House and Chief Information Officer Mark Raymond.

“We receive daily reminders that we are living in a time of cyber insecurity, and we need to be proactive in this effort,” Malloy said. “The federal government, our national intelligence and homeland security officials are doing their part, but states have a vital role to play. Connecticut is leading the way in taking action that will allow us to be prepared for any contingency and safeguard our residents from cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure.”

The strategy will be followed by an action plan that will contain steps to address the issues raised in the report.

“We have a plan, but we also have a lot of work to do,” House said. “Cybersecurity is a process, not an end state.”

Some steps residents can take to protect themselves include updating devices and antivirus software regularly, backing up important data, avoidingclicking on emails or links in emails from unfamiliar senders, and notifying your IT provider if you notice abnormal computer behavior.

To read the Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy, visit

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