Service and quality top priorities at Ceglarz Motor Repair & Sales

Published on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 11:19
Written by Charles Paullin


BERLIN - At Ceglarz Motor Repair & Sales Inc., it’s all about the quality of the work and the personal connection with customers.

“I will not sacrifice quality,” said Piotr Ceglarz, 39. “It’s one of those things where you can sacrifice it, save a couple bucks, but it in the end it looks upon your business where you didn’t deliver or how it should have been delivered.”

Ceglarz has owned the shop at 581 West Main St. since 2000 and works on anything and everything involving a car including mechanical work, body work, performance upgrades, wheel and tire service and more.

“The reason I’m able to offer the lower rates than everybody else in town is because I have smaller overhead,” said Ceglarz. “If I can keep my overheard low I don’t have to charge $110, $150, $120 an hour. I’m charging $90. You’re not going to find that anywhere. Everybody’s at $100-plus.”

He also offers car sales with a vehicle locator program that finds everything a customer is looking for in terms of make, model, trim, accessories and more in a four-wheeled method of transportation for customers. He’s had car sales in all 50 states, and overseas in Poland and Nigeria, with a second sales office in South Carolina.

With two-full time employees, one part-timer and one sales guy, the personal, honest, quality service of Ceglarz is what sets his shop apart from others.

If something needs to be taken care of immediately, his shop will do it. But if something can be held off for another six months, he’ll openly recommend that.

Ceglarz will also do it right the first time, with his constantly up to date technology and tools.

“We don’t want comebacks,” said Ceglarz. “Comebacks are the worst.”

To stay with the times, Ceglarz is getting more involved with after market performance upgrades, whether that be domestic or foreign and in terms of work on suspensions, exhaust systems, engine building, chassis modification and more.

“That seems to be the new craze now,” said Ceglarz. “Everybody wants to go fast so we’re trying to get into that market a little more too.”

Also to stay modern, Ceglarz has been offering state-certified installation of DUI Breathalyzers for about a year and a half.

“Unfortunately, things happen,” said Ceglarz. “We all make mistakes and sometimes you have to pay the consequences and then move on.”

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