Starling Physicians flocks together to give patients great care

Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2019 19:33
Written by Charles Paullin


NEW BRITAIN – The name of the Connecticut’s largest multispecialty group with over 300 medical professionals and 34 locations is a homage to the bird species that flies together in a cohesive manner: the Starling.

Starling Physicians, located throughout the central Connecticut area, was formed after Grove Hill Medical Center and Connecticut Multispecialty Group merged in 2016, and now flocks together with its many different services and locations.

“Since our integration, we have made tremendous strides in becoming a unified organization,” said CEO Dr. Jarrod Post. “We are now ready to move forward with a strong sense of what our priorities are and how each one of providers and staff contributes to our overall success.”

Services from Starling Physicians include: adult and pediatric primary care, as well as 27 specialties including allergy and immunology, cardiology, and sleep medicine. By being all grouped under one organization, electronic records can be shared easily and patients have one healthcare organization that focuses on all their healthcare needs.

One example of the organization’s comprehensiveness is the ability for a patient who is suffering from back or neck pain to have access to leading experts in musculoskeletal care – whether it be one of Starling’s orthopedists, a specialist in pain management, or a skilled spine surgeon.

Together as a team, the providers can diagnose the source of the pain, oversee imaging, provide a customized treatment plan, and conduct onsite physical therapy.

“Healthcare is dynamically changing, and we too must be dynamic and innovative to meet those changes. Value – great quality care without high cost– is the future of this nation’s sustainable healthcare,” said Post. “We embrace this need and this challenge.”

What sets Starling Physicians apart from other medical facilities is its attention to patients and personal relationships to each and every one of them. The physicians are genuinely interested in the life and well-being of the patient, instead of treating them like a number on a folder.

“We recognize the critical role that trust and empathy play in all our interactions, from our patients to our business partners,” said Post.

Starling Physicians has brought in new doctors like spine surgeon, Dr. Farhan Karim, facial and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Kenneth Andrews and leading breast cancer specialist Dr. Daniel Morganstern. The company has also updated its website to provide a daily news update and be more active on social media.

Information sessions, like one on foot care with Dr. Anthony Babigian on March 29 at 11 a.m. at the New Britain Senior Center, are also in the works.

“Starling has the elements and the culture to be the statewide partner of choice for patients, networks, hospitals, physicians, and healthcare clinicians,” said Post. “This is ‘healthcare the way it should be.’”

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