Coram Deo helping women recover with sober housing for past 14 years

Published on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 12:16
Written by Ciara Hooks


NEW BRITAIN – Coram Deo Inc. has been servicing the city for 14 years offering sober housing and recovery management services.

Coram Deo has five sober houses and 52 beds located in New Britain to house women and women with children in need. They strive to provide affordable, high quality accessible services like helping women find jobs, get their ID’s, birth certificates, social security card and other basic needs such as food equity. Their holistic approach to recovery embraces the dignity and respect for each woman in their program.

“We are the largest and leading provider of sober housing for women in the state of Connecticut,” said Jody Davis, executive director. “We’re contracted with the state of Connecticut to provide sober housing through the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Most of our referrals we get from inpatient treatment programs.”

The houses are supposed to be temporary, but no one is asked to leave as long as they’re participating in the program and remain sober. Initially the state will pay for them until they are able to get on their feet, then they pay their own way.

“Our average length of stay is six to nine months. People come in, find a safe place and begin to build some stability. We’ve also had women stay almost seven years,” Davis said.

They currently have a Back to Work program with four part-time entry level positions available consisting of 10 hours weekly.

The company has employees that rotate houses working with the clients.

“We don’t have any overnight staff. For overnight services we rely mainly on call,” Davis said. “So, if there is an emergency there is an on call number they call and our staff will be notified and can go out to the house.”

Coram Deo was founded by Davis who is a wife, a mother and grandmother.

“I’m a woman in long-term recovery. I am over 30 years clean and sober. I have my own history of trauma and abuse which is part of what motivated me to start this,” Davis said. “I love what I do. I love working with women and helping them realize their potential and giving them a safe place to stay.”

The business has been rooted in the community since 2006.

“I was actually working under a HUD grant and everything that HUD does is housing first and I recognized that many of the people that I worked with were looking for a sober option, a community option like living in a community,” Davis said. “These things aren’t really offered through HUD, and not that they should be, they’re just not, and so we recognized that there was a gap in services and we decided to fill it.”

Originally, Davis started the business with one house, named Sarah’s House.

“This name came from the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible,” Davis said. “Then we opened house No. 2 and I was like how do I manage this? So, we came up with the name Coram Deo, which is Latin for before the presence of God, and so we believe everything we do we do before the face of God. We’re not faith based, but we are in the sense that everything that we do is built on my personal faith, which is Christian. We try to treat the women that we serve as daughters of God.”

Coram Deo Inc can be reached at 860)-48-3486 or visit

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