Cold air blasts through region

Published on Friday, 10 November 2017 22:22
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Friday saw temperatures fall to a record low.

“It was the coldest air that we’ve seen in seven months,” said Mark Dixon, meteorologist at WFSB Friday. “You’d have to go back to March to find anything close. The arctic front moved in at dawn and we saw 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts in some areas today, as well as temperatures in the 20s, the teens or in the single digits in some places in Northwest Connecticut.”

Dixon said that Friday night the temperatures might hit rock bottom.

“The record for Greater Hartford is 12 degrees at this time of year and 22 degrees around Bridgeport,” he said. “Those records were set in 1955 and could fall tonight.”

However, Dixon said that the temperatures are expected to rise this weekend.

“By Saturday it will be mostly sunny and less windy with temperatures in the 40s,” he said. “By Sunday it should be back to the mid-40s. It will still be colder than the average temperature this time of year, which is 53 or 54 degrees, but not that bad.”

New Britain police will be looking for anyone outside who appears to be struggling with the cold, New Britain Police Chief James Wardwell said.

“Our primary focus is always protection of life,” Wardwell said. “Whatever we feel needs to be addressed we will do. We will be watchful for people who are out in the cold and take whatever steps we have to, to get them safe.”

Veterans should dress warmly for today’s ceremonies held throughout the city, Wardwell said.

The New Britain Public Library which is a haven for those escaping the heat or cold will not be open today. As of 2 p.m., service providers had not heard from Gov. Dannel Malloy about enacting the cold weather protocol which would require cities to find a warm place for those in need to sleep or remain open during the day to keep people warm.

Wardwell said as of Friday afternoon the city was dealing with a few downed branches but no power outages.

Plainville and Southington, residents would normally be encouraged to head to the library or senior centers for shelter if they are without heat. However, all Municipal buildings were closed for the Veterans Day weekend starting Friday.

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