Owner hopes Berlin bakery yields sweet success

Published on Thursday, 3 May 2018 19:12
Written by Charles Paullin


BERLIN - She attained a degree in criminal justice in her home country of Romania but it wasn’t recognized when she came to the United States in 2005.

“It was hard for me…” Lili Orleanu said on getting the degree again. “I said, ‘What can I do? I need to work, because I have rent’…and then I put my hobby into practice.”

Realizing she loved baking, she began to work in various bakeries in Middletown, Rocky Hill and Cromwell and then opened her own place, Lili’s Bakery and Cakes, at 259 New Britain Rd, she said, with the help of her brother, who came out from California.

“She made it to a passion and got even better and better,” said her son Florian Orlenu, who is a real estate agent that helped the family pick out the place in Berlin. “She saw how happy she made every customer at the other bakeries with all her cooking…so she decided to have her own and build her own clientele and family business to keep people very close.”

Florian Orleanu said the family chose the Berlin location after looking around because it was already outfitted for a bakery, with a good view and good traffic and has easy access to the highways.

The place was previously the home of Leone’s Bakery & Café, before the owners wanted to retire, said Economic Development Director Chris Edge.

“We wanted to be somewhat local, in a great town and we knew Berlin was a great town,” Florian Orleanu, a resident of Middletown, said. “This was a perfect opportunity.”

The bakery offers cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, breakfast, lunch and more, all with different Italian, French and other styles that Lili Orleanu learned throughout the years, she said.

“I like to make for all people,” she said.

Mayor Mark Kaczynski and Town Manager Jack Healy discussed plans of bringing samples to the employees of Town Hall, as Kaczynski said he was glad the business was in town.

“I am very happy because this is my hobby,” Lili Orleanu said.

More information and pictures of products can be found on the place’s Facebook page facebook.com/lilisbakeryandcakes, Florian Orleanu said.

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