Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters says mentorship is possible, even for 'busy professionals'

Published on Friday, 27 July 2018 20:35
Written by Ryan Curcio

Special to The Herald

NEW BRITAIN - The Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has announced their decision to launch a program called Mentor 2.0 this fall.

Mentor 2.0 is a mentorship program that is conducted primarily online. Contact will occur through emails and instant message chains and will be facilitated by monthly in-person meetings between mentors and students. The main purpose of Mentor 2.0 is to prepare high school students for college and their future career by linking them with college-educated mentors.

The curriculum for this program lasts the duration of a high school student’s four years and provides them with the tools they need to develop confidence in the classroom. The goal is that the students will be able to successfully finish high school, gain admission into a college, and then graduate from college.

The CREC Academy of Science and Innovation (ASI) in New Britain has planned to partner with Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters on this project and hopes to enroll its entire incoming freshman class in Mentor 2.0.

Nutmeg is in the process of recruiting enough volunteers to pair up with all 110 ASI ninth graders. Nutmeg is looking for mentors who can inspire young minds and help them prepare for college and their desired career path.

Allison Holst-Grubbe, Director of School Programs at Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, is confident that “Mentor 2.0 makes it easy for busy professionals to mentor.” Holst-Grubbe goes on to say that “we’re asking mentors to commit to sending a weekly message – for which we provide a prompt – to the student they’re mentoring. We’re also asking mentors to meet their mentees once each month at the Academy of Science and Innovation for a two-hour get-together conducted by Nutmeg. Mentor 2.0 is a streamlined method of mentoring designed specifically for busy professionals and students – one that pays big dividends to both students and mentors.”

“Ninth-graders in public schools with weak attendance records have a very small chance of graduating from high school and college,” said Andy Fleischmann, President and CEO of Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters. “Data from other states show that Mentor 2.0 can dramatically boost students’ chances of attending and graduating from college. And, Mentor 2.0 makes it easier than ever to become a Big Brother or Big Sister - since weekly online communication is not a challenge for most working professionals.”

If you would like to learn more about Mentor 2.0, or if you would like to volunteer for Mentor 2.0, visit

Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters is based in Hartford and is an affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Nutmeg serves 132 of Connecticut’s 169 municipalities. For more information, go to. .

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