Upgrades help Eversource meet summer energy needs

Published on Friday, 27 July 2018 20:21
Written by Ryan Curcio

Special to The Herald

BERLIN-Eversource Energy continues its efforts to keep energy flowing through power grids across Connecticut this summer. Specifically, they have helped local small businesses, such as Praline’s Ice Cream shop in Kensington, maintain their everyday mode of operation.

Praline’s owner, Karin Scarfo, expresses how imperative it is that her shop can rely on a consistent flow of electricity. “We have to keep the temperature of our ice cream below freezing at all times, no matter how hot it gets outside. Maintaining those cold temperatures 24/7 is crucial for product quality and vital to our bottom line,” she said.

“Our customers line up every day for their favorite flavors, so we’re glad that Eversource is continuing to make investments in the local electric grid to help keep the electricity flowing.”

Eversource recognizes the severe increase in energy use that summer months tend to bring, so they are working hard to upgrade lines and equipment to meet the demands of all its customers.

“We’re always working to strengthen the electric system so our customers have the energy they need for every moment of their lives,” said Eversource President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom.

“Our regular inspections of the system, combined with robust programs to upgrade infrastructure and manage vegetation, help ensure our system is prepared to serve customers during the hot summer months and all year long.”

There has been a handful of system upgrades that the company has applied to improve their level of success in keeping the power running in Connecticut. Some of those improvements include installing roughly 3,000 thicker new cables, making up 35 miles of tree wire, which can better endure intense storms. Eversource has also increased their number of “smart switches” to more than 150. A smart switch is a device that limits the number of customers that will need a crew to physically repair their power lines after an outage, allowing Eversource to restore power remotely in some cases.

Eversource has also doubled their efforts to ensure cooling equipment at all major substations remains in peak condition to avoid overheating when electricity use is high in communities across the state. Eversource continues to serve 121 communities through its comprehensive vegetation management program, trimming trees along upwards of 4,000 miles of overhead lines around Connecticut. These are just a few of the many ways that Eversource works to keep the lights on for local businesses.

For more information about how Eversource strives to serve your community, visit their site at Eversource.com.

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