CT Bike & Skate and Jim's Better Heat & Light reopens, offers 'one of a kind experience'

Published on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 15:46


BRISTOL – CT Bike & Skate and Jim’s Better Heat & Light has reopened.

Whether customers are looking to upgrade or service their home heating and lighting equipment, repair or purchase a bike or skateboard, learn from a skating instructor or have fun at an indoor skate park, owners Jim and Marie Parrott promise a “one of a kind experience.”

CT Bike & Skate and Jim's Better Heat & Light is an “original mom & pop store” which has been going strong since 1987 at their location at 80 South St. Jim Parrott says they have reopened as of June 26 and they are starting to see regulars return and new customers coming to check them out.

“Finally after four months or so of being shut down we are starting to see signs of life,” Jim Parrott said. “We thank our customers and friends supporting us and hope to see new and old customers as we continue to serve.”

Parrott said he first opened his business in 1985 on Riverside Ave. and moved to his current location in 1987 so he could build a skate park on their upper floor.

“Currently, we’re offering 1 on 1 private skating lessons and reserving private skating parties of up to 10 people,” Parrott said. “We also have an open skate time on Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.”

People are encouraged to call ahead at 860-582-3334 if they are looking to skate Thursdays or Saturdays.

Parrot added home heating and lighting equipment so that, when bicycle and skating related business tended to drop during the winter, he could provide another valuable service to customers.

“In 1990, we added Rinnai tankless hot water heaters,” he said. “With tankless water heaters, you only pay for water when you’re using it instead of paying 24/7. Tank heaters also tend to rust out within seven years while tankless heaters are made with heavy duty copper or stainless steel and will last you 25 to 40 years.”

Parrott said scooters are in high demand and as a result the business has dedicated itself to carrying to the top brands along with offering parts and service.

Parrott has also seen an increase in bike repairs with more people seeking outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic. Skateboard and parts business also remains active. The business also carries Vans shoes and a variety of skateboard and scooter clothes.

Skylights, which Jim and Marie Parrott incorporated into their business in 1998, have also been in high demand since reopening. The business is a licensed home improvement contractor and specializes in Solatube Skylights, which Parrott said has been featured on numerous television home improvement programs.

Parrott attributes his businesses’ longevity to offering unique services, always paying their bills and making sure customers are treated right.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the economy,” he said. “The older generation likes to be able to come in, see and touch what they are purchasing. I think younger shoppers should look to what they’re doing. With the online stores, if what you buy it isn’t a good fit, you just have to send it back – which is a lot of wasted energy. If you come to me and tell me what you need, I will make sure to give you a good recommendation so that you’ll be happy with what you purchase.”

For more information, call 860-582-3334 or visit betterheatandlight.com or ctbike.com.

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