Bristol resident, a living kidney donor, will be featured on website of CBS sitcom 'B Positive'

Published on Tuesday, 6 April 2021 13:29


BRISTOL – The CBS sitcom “B Positive” will feature the story of living kidney donor and Bristol resident Lindsay Vigue on its website.

Vigue, who chairs the City Arts & Culture Commission, said the program is all about kidney donation and features three living donor stories on its website, The website is a partnership between the CBS sitcom “B Positive” and

“My transplant coordinator contacted me to let me know,” said Vigue, who became a living donor in Dec. 2019. “The organization logs people’s stories about being living donors as well as the stories of recipients. If someone is considering making a donation, going to this bank of stories and hearing real people’s experiences can ease their fears. It can also give hope to people waiting on a transplant list. Sometimes people on a transplant list can wait as long as a decade and they may begin to lose hope that it will happen for them.”

Vigue said she had never considered living organ donation until, one day, she saw a sign outside of the former Oasis Restaurant, now Bell City Diner, which said a city resident, Peter Pelkey, was in need of a kidney.

“I looked at the sign and immediately felt ‘I'd like to do something like that,’” she said.

Vigue said any doubts and fears she had were calmed when she came across a video by former Middletown Mayor Dan Drew describing his experience as a living donor.

“After listening, it didn’t sound as scary as I thought it was,” Vigue said.

Vigue then went back to the diner, took down the number, and called the transplant center. Following four months of testing, she was told she would be a “great candidate.”

Vigue’s kidney was donated to an 18-year-old boy named Cameron, she said. She then received a voucher which she was able to give to Pelkey to “bump him to the top of the transplant list.”

“Cameron went into surgery the same day as me,” she said. “They took out my left kidney and a courier transported it to New York so he could go directly into surgery. Peter ended up doing his kidney transplant June 2020.”

Vigue said she learned her story would be shared in April, which is “great timing” as it is also “National Donate Life Month.”

“It was a beautiful experience,” Vigue said. “Sometimes you don’t know why you are drawn to do something, but I felt compelled to do this.”

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