Journeys with Jim: Mixed results during latest adventures

Published on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 21:06


Last Monday morning I had the idea of trying my luck turkey hunting in the Pootatuck State Forest in New Fairfield. The section of the forest I hunt from time to time is located just up on top of the mountain to the west of Squantz Pond State Park.

I had arrived there just at daylight and couldn’t help but think that I might be wasting my time as the sky was very overcast and had the look of an approaching storm. I much prefer a sunny day to be in the woods as it seems there is more activity. It gives the observer more of a chance to see and hear the woodland creatures going about their daily routines.

As I made my way along an old familiar trail in the early morning light, the silence was very noticeable. Not the call of a crow or the chatter of squirrels could be heard. It seemed even the woodpeckers had taken the morning off. The one sound I hoped to hear, the gobble of an old tom turkey, was conspicuously absent as well.

I set up my hunting things and sat down with my back to an old oak tree and just listened for a while. After about two hours had passed, I packed up my gear and headed way up to the top of the hill near an old clear cut area. Seems I’ve encountered turkeys there many a time but not this morning. It got to be about 9:30 a.m. and I thought I call it a day. The sky seemed to be getting darker and I didn’t want to get caught in a thunder storm.

On my drive back home, the morning improved. The sky cleared and it got pretty hot for a spring day. However, later on the weather turned ugly. Here in the Bristol area, we were lucky but the very place where I’d spend some of my morning was heavily damaged by a tornado, only hours later. I’m pretty sure Squantz Pond is still closed due to the severe storm damage. I’m also sure the state boat ramp at Candlewood Lake is also closed. My advice is to check with the DEEP before planning a day trip to either place. Hopefully they will be able to reopen soon.

Over the Memorial Day weekend I, along with the Mrs., journeyed up to Enfield for a morning of shad and striper fishing on the Connecticut River.

We visited Windsor Locks Canal State Park which is located on the western shore of the river near the old Enfield Dam site. I’ve been to the area many times by boat over the years. This was my first time fishing the area from the shore.

The park is very nice, but I didn’t seem to find much access to the water as the river trail is fenced off in the area where we were. We did manage to find access to the water under the Rout 190 bridge. The only thing that came to the net was a small carp Mrs. B hooked into.

Like she says, “it’s not the catching, it’s the going.” I agree.

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