Journeys with Jim: State could be at dawn of new color for hunters to wear

Published on Wednesday, 6 February 2019 21:45
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I suppose there are a number of people out there who, like me, have been battling a cold or flu of late.

It seems that since I returned from my Vermont hunting trip way back in November, I’ve had some sort of cold-like symptoms. Kind of sick for a few days, then good for a week or two then back to feeling sick again. Hopefully, with spring on the way soon, at least by groundhog standards, all of us will see warming temperatures and improved health.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were once again invited to and attended the annual game supper put on by the Bristol Fish & Game Club. I’ve gone for about three years now and I believe this year’s dinner was perhaps the most well-attended I have seen. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house.

The Mrs. & I were seated at the head table alongside the president of the club, Jim Strecker, on our left, while to our immediate right was state Sen. Henry Martin. We had the most enjoyable time talking with both men.

Of course, the conversation made its way to and included some of the new proposals being discussed in Hartford, including taxes, tolls and the like. I’ll bet we see something new coming down the road in the near future.

And speaking of proposals, there are a number of new proposed hunting bills in the state legislature this year. Once again, there are at least two bills dealing with a potential black bear hunting season in the state.

As in the past, the subject never gained much traction and I just don’t think that Connecticut will see a bear hunting season any time soon.

There is also a bill that would allow hunting to be regulated by town and perhaps shift the role of the Department of Environmental Protection to municipalities, or at least that’s the takeaway that I get.

The DEEP has regulated hunting and fishing in our state forever and who better to do so than they? Would it mean that each town would have to hire a wildlife biologist?

I think that one of the more peculiar proposals has to do with “hunter orange.” You know, those brightly colored vests and jackets that hunters wear in the fall while pursuing wild game.

Hunter orange has been a staple of the hunting community for decades and suddenly is fast becoming passé as we are at the dawn of new color.

That new hot color is blasé pink. Experts believe that pink is way better than clunky old orange because the human eye can see the color pink easier.

In fact, a few states have already changed from old fashioned orange with perhaps Connecticut to follow suit.

During the period from Sept. 1 until the last day of February, hunters are required to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of florescent orange visible from all sides.

There are a few exceptions to this rule - bow hunters and waterfowl hunters are exempt for the most part.

In the grand scheme of things, September really isn’t all that far off and if the “pink” rule is passed, I don’t know where hunters would be able to buy the new color, as I haven’t seen it for sale on any of the hunting websites.

Good hunting to us all.

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