ESPN production model, a staple in recent years, now being used across sports broadcasting

Published on Thursday, 25 March 2021 13:07


BRISTOL – Another production approach used by ESPN during the pandemic is known as the Graphics REMote Integration, or GREMI, model.

ESPN officials say the GREMI model has been a staple of theirs in recent years that are now being used across sports broadcasting. It features a combination of on-site and remote (or studio) production elements.

For a GREMI broadcast, the ESPN graphics team, along with its Enhanced Video Support crew, contributes to the telecasts from its Bristol or Charlotte studios by controlling hardware that sits in the on-site mobile units, while the bulk of the production team and the commentators are generally at the arena, according to the company. This includes the game producer and director.

“These two primary production methods have served us well thus far, and we are constantly evolving our approach,” Calcinari said. “The methods we use to produce games at the end of the season may not look exactly how they do currently, because we’re regularly implementing learnings and strengthening best practices as we continue.”

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