Bristol's Sugrue sisters shine at Nutmeg State Games Figure Skating Competition

Published on Sunday, 11 July 2021 16:34
Written by Ryan Ames


NEWINGTON – Saturday’s 2021 Nutmeg State Games Figure Skating Competition featured three local skaters in sisters Carol Sugrue, Jennifer Sugrue and Jilleen Sugrue at Newington Arena.

All three, who reside in Bristol, medaled in at least one competition as Carol earned silver in the junior ladies free skate, Jenny picked up two bronze medals in the novice short program and the novice ladies free skate while Jilleen received bronze in the basic 6 group A competition.

The trio represented the Finer Edge Figure Skating Club, which served as hosts for the all-day event.

“It’s nice because we get to practice here and then we can actually compete, so it’s more comfortable to compete here,” Carol said.

Along with the silver, Carol finished in fourth in her short program competition, rounding out the schedule for the Sugrue sisters. All the events happened on Saturday this year, as opposed to half of the events one day and the rest of the events the next day.

“The long second program is rough because you’re already kind of dead from the short [program],” Jenny said. “Then you got to whip out. You want to nap, but you can’t.”

“My coach said ‘we’re all tired, but you got to deal with it do just get out there and do it,” Carol said.

Despite the hectic schedule, Carol and Jenny each were happy with their routines.

“My short program, it wasn’t the best but I skated really well, except for one jump,” Carol said. “Then I think I did really well in the long program.”

“I’m happy with my performance,” Jenny said. “I think it went good. I liked it.”

During Jenny’s free skate routine, she executed a cantilever, which has turned into her signature move.

“It took me three days to get it,” Jenny said. “Eventually over time it got better, to where it is now, [but I’ve been working on it] a few years now.”

Finer Edge teammate Katie Turcotte claimed the gold medal in both of Carol’s competitions, while Mason Borden, another Finer Edge member, grabbed silver in each event Jenny competed in. Haven Stashenko of the Skating Club of New York won the competition in which Jilleen took bronze.

“We’re all very, very close on the team as it is,” Jenny said. “I think skating together does help us [as sisters], because we’re in the car all the time. We went to the same high school for two years. We’re always together, I think it helps us bond.”

Carol is the eldest of the three, Jenny is a year younger and Jilleen will be entering the fifth grade this fall. Carol is heading to University of Hartford in September, but will continue to lace up the skates in Newington.

“I’m going to commute so I can still skate here with my team and my coach,” Carol said. “Probably not as intense schedule as I have now.”

Jilleen followed in her sisters footsteps and she said she likes having her two older sisters around for help whenever she needs it.

“[Skating] just kind of runs down through all of us,” Jenny said. “She wound up joining us with it, it’s fun. She’s good at being on top of it.”

All the Sugrue sisters enjoy other sports as well. Softball is the next most-popular sport among them, while Jenny also played golf for Bristol Central this past year.

Right now, the focus is on the ice. Saturday’s games were just one of the many competitions the sisters compete in.

“We have the Cranberry Open [next] which will be at the Boston Skating Club,” Carol said. “That’s a different competition, it’s more competitive.”

“It’s a point system, you get base value for jumps and how well you execute it,” Jenny said.

Considering the last year and a half, any opportunity on the ice is a good one and the Sugrue sisters were excited to be around familiar faces once again.

“It’s nice when you’re here because you can volunteer,” Jenny said.

“It’s nice to do because your friends are here and we have past skaters who have skated here that come out and help and they watch us,” Carol said. Ryan Ames can be reached at 860-801-5094 or on Twitter @_RyanAmes.

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