Nutmeg State Games gymnastics takes place at New Britain High School

Published on Saturday, 10 July 2021 21:45


NEW BRITAIN – Hundreds of medals were awarded to youth gymnasts of all ages Saturday at New Britain High School as the Nutmeg State Games returned to the Hardware City one final time.

Kinetic Kids of the west region took first place among the four teams and the end of the day with 227.650 points, followed by Wilton from the south region (222.200 points) and Marvel and Grace from the east region took third place (220.350 points).

Kinetic Kids had the all-around winner in 15 of the 22 age groups, including nine of the 10 younger age groups, which competed in the first of the days two sessions. The team only had gymnasts competing in 20 different age groups, meaning it won the all-around in 75 percent of the groups it participated in.

Janae Rodriguez-Reid of Kinetic Kids scored 35.800 points to take the all-around in the younger age group of women’s Level 5, finishing first in the uneven bars and balance beam while taking second in vault and fourth in the floor exercises. Her teammate Katherine Dunn won the vault and north region’s Cali Ingalls won the floor exercises.

West region’s Macie Montaina finished in second place or better in every event to win the all-around gold medal in the older age group of women’s level 5. Montaina finished first in the vault, balance beam and floor exercises while taking second place in the uneven bars behind Ella Hafey.

Izzy Leonard of Kinetic Kids finished women’s level 6 in first place all-around (37.200) after a pair of first place performances in the uneven bars and floor exercises while taking second place in the vault and balance beam, which were won by Gabriella Martin of the South Region.

The west region had three of the four competitors in the middle age group of women’s level 4 and Josey Oloff won every event except for the floor exercises to earn the all-around title with 35.250 points. Her teammate Ava Zaloski was the winner on the floor.

Kinetic Kids also had the only three gymnasts in the XL Platinum age group and the only two competitors in the XL Gold age group. Madyson Scioscia (35.400 points) won the XL Platinum all-around over her teammates Sadie Chagnon and Gabriella Argonese. Scioscia finished first in the vault, uneven bars and floor exercises while Argonese won the balance beam and took second in the all-around.

Lexi Cieslinski edged out teammated Isabella Muzzio-Martins by three-tenths of a point to win the XL Gold all-around, 36.800-36.500. Cieslinski won the floor exercises by five-hundredths of a point, but her all-around victory was secured on the uneven bars, which she won 9.300-8.400. Muzzio-Martins won the balance beam and vault by four-tenths of a point and a quarter of a point, respectively.

The west region was dominant in the early session, winning the all-around in nine of the 10 age groups, starting with Lyla Schoenherr (37.700) in the younger division of XL Silver. In addition to her win on the uneven bars, Schoenherr was the only gymnast to score more than nine points on the vault. She finished second in her other two events, as Wilton’s Sophie Gorton won the balance beam and Kinetic Kids Chelsea Leary won the floor exercises.

Audrey Bonheim dominated the XL Silver older division, winning every event except for the floor exercises. Bonheim had a combined score of 37.600 after winning the balance beam, vault and uneven bars while tying for third on the floor. The all-around winner, Bonheim finished behind teammate Lauren Onorato and Sweet Weinstein in the floor exercises.

Despite not medaling in the vault, Madison Schlesinger still won the all-around in the women’s level 3 Jr A age group with her first place finishes in the uneven bars and balance beam. She took second place in the floor exercises behind the south region’s Brooklynn Robinson and finished fifth in the vault, which was won by the west region’s Emily Sprouse.

A pair of first-place finishes for Riley Mullen earned her the all-around title in women’s level 3 Jr B age group with 36.150 points, besting the field on the balance beam and on the floor. Mullen finished in second behind Wilton’s Emery Amero in the vault and notched a fourth-place finish on the uneven bars. Kinetic Kids’ Olivia Bombero won the uneven bars with 9.250 points for her best performance of the day.

The women’s level 3 Sr A age group saw three Kinetic Kids take all three spots on the podium for the all-around, led by Layla Zawistowski’s 37.300 points, which snuck her past teammate Emily Traverso, who scored 37.200. Zawistowski and Traverso went head-to-head in more than one event, highlited by Zawistowski’s 9.350-9.300 win in the floor exercises. Traverso took a win over Zawistowski on the uneven bars, outscoring her teammated 9.550-0.150, but Zawistowski picked up a 9.700-9.500 win on the vault. Wilton’s Teagean Kosche posted the highest score on the balance beam (9.300) and was followed by Zawistowski (9.100) while Traverson took fourth place.

Only the west and south regions had gymnasts competing at women’s level 2 with the west’s Sofia Yimoynes (35.650) and Megan Daniels (35.250) taking the top two spots in the all-around. Yimoynes won finished first in the balance beam and vault while finishing second to the south region’s Ashley Gampel on the uneven bars and floor exercises. Gampel finished third in the all-around.

Kinetic Kids were the only gymnasts to compete in both the older and younger divisions of the XL Bronze age group with Addison Marks finishing first among her teammates in the younger group with 36.950. Marks took first place on the bars and the beam while finishing in second place behind Annie Badaracco in the vault and floor exercises. Badaracco finished second in the overall.

The XL Broze older age group was three girls exchanging spots on the podium as Sophia Larivee, Samantha Lockshier and Ava Bourdoulous were the only three gymnasts in the group. Larivee won the overall with 35.200 points, 0.150 points ahead of Lockshier and eight-tenths of a point in front of Bourdoulous. Larivee took first place in the vault and balance beam while Lockshier won the uneven bars and floor exercises.

Wilton’s Emman Moher took home took home the all-around for the older division of women’s level 6 with wins on the uneven bars and floor exercises. She finished second in the vault behind Kinetic Kids’ Kaelyn Talisse and placed behind Emma Sander of Kinetic Kids on the balance beam.

Brianna Shiue of the south region swept the older age group of women’s level four, winning every event and posting a total score of 37.500 to win the all-around. Her teammate Jane Carroll took second in the all-around with 35.700 points.

Alyssa Smeriglio’s wins in the uneven bars and balance beam earned her the gold medal in women’s level 7, scoring a total of 35.700 points. Kinetic Kids’ Ava Taylor and Lauryn Alagno took the top two spots on the vault with scores of 9.300 and 9.250, respectively, while Smeriglio did not medal. Smeriglio took third on the floor behind Taylor and Alagno.

Only two gymnasts competed in the women’s level 8 age group with Wilton’s Katie Tomasheski posting 33.800 points to win the all-around over Marvel and Grace’s Maya Hathorn. Tomasheski won the vault, floor exercises and uneven bars while Hathorn earned a gold medal on the balance beam.

The north region’s Isabella Roncaioli took the all-around gold medal in the women’s level 3 Sr. B age group with 36.400 points, just ahead of the south region’s Abigail Deane (36.100 points). Roncaioli finished atop the podium in vault and the balance beam while taking second on the floor behind teammate Ava Paradis. Deane earned the gold medal on the uneven bars while Roncaioli finished fifth.

Camryn Schrager needed to win just one event to earn the all-around gold medal for the younger half of the women’s level 4 age group. Schrager posted 34.500 points after tying for the gold medal in the floor exercises with Miley Laferriere. Schrager earned bronze medals on the balance beam and uneven bars, which were won by Laferriere and Lily Scheckner, respectively.

Hannah Wojik of Marvel and Grace took gold in the XL Diamond age group, beating out her teammate Maddie Hathorn 36.200-36.100. Wojik earned gold medals on the uneven bars and in the floor exercises, in which she bested Hathorn 9.500-9.400 to decide the all-around gold medal. Hathorn picked up a gold medal in the vault whil Juliana Scioscia bested both of her competitors on the balance beam.

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