CIAC tweaks formula determining boys basketball divisions

Published on Thursday, 10 May 2018 21:10


CHESHIRE - The CIAC has tweaked its formula for determining divisional placement for the annual boys basketball tournaments and approved the five division format - adopted on an experimental basis for 2017-18 - to continue for the 2018-19 season.

After this past season’s tournaments, the CIAC asked for feedback from schools and adjusted its formula for creating the divisions accordingly, along with offering “complete transparency in the process,” making available to the schools and others all the calculations used to determine divisional placement.

The formula factors strength of league, success in the CIAC tournament (only for schools with 25 or more male students from outside the geographical area of their district) and CIAC power points. Enrollment is also a major factor in the formula.

There are no appeals of divisional placements based on the formula allowed, although schools can choose to opt up to Division I for a one-year period at a time.

Based upon the formula for 2018-19, no area schools were placed among Division I, which includes the top 20 teams.

Division II includes the next 36 highest-ranked schools based upon the formula and includes New Britain (ranked 28th overall), Newington (30th) and Southington (37th).

Division III, with the next 38 ranked schools, includes Bristol Central (61st overall), St. Paul (76th) and Berlin (the lowest-ranked school in the division at 94th overall).

Division IV, which has the next 40 schools, includes Bristol Eastern (116th) and Goodwin Tech (130th).

Division V, with the final 49 schools, includes Plainville (142nd), Innovation (152nd) and Terryville (164th).

Among the area schools that saw a change in their divisions from this past season to the next upcoming winter season are Bristol Central (Division II to Division III), Southington (Division III to Division II), Bristol Eastern (Division III to Division IV) and Plainville (Division IV to Division V).

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