Your view: Reader remembers Boukus' warmth

Published on Monday, 5 December 2016 20:11
Written by

Jill Price


To the Editor:

Rep. Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus was not someone I was really familiar with as a politician even with her long tenure.

What brought me to take a second look at Betty Boukus was, when she was running against Dr. William Petit, Jr., there was a picture in the New Britain Herald where she gave Dr. Petit a light embrace with her arms on his arms having a conversation and this was when they were campaigning against each other.

I will never forget that picture because I think this sums up what kind of person Betty was. After this last presidential campaign we needed to see the decentness that politicians could still display as good human beings.

If this photo is available I suggest that every politician have it framed as a reminder of what we as the voting public prefer to see in our politicians. I think this sums up the quality of Betty Boukus.

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