Your View: Should the city shut down for Kwanzaa?

Published on Sunday, 1 January 2017 18:56
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To the Editor”

When I heard that the city was shut down to observe the celebration of Kwanzaa on Monday, Dec. 26, an immediate red flag went up as this is an extra holiday day off.

Mayor, these are questions that need to be addressed by the taxpayers as I see this as a political motivation to get the African-American voters to reelect you or enhance your political career.

Back last year, Mayor, you participated as a king on Three Kings Day. Why didn’t the mayor shut down that day that is observed by so many people? Some cities have parades, celebrations which, many would agree, this would have been warranted for years. Now New Year Day was on a Sunday. Why not shut down the city Monday to clear a hangover for every taxpayer to stay home and get paid to take a day off to clear a hangover on their tax bill.

Mayor, if any citywide holiday is to be considered it should be Martin Luther King Day or Black History Month in Feburary.

I am calling this foul because, Mayor, you are out touch with Kwanzaa.

Alfred P. Mayo

New Britain

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