YOUR VIEW: Reader: Firing McNair means a real loss

Published on Wednesday, 4 January 2017 20:57
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To the Editor:

The Republican members of the Berlin Town Council have sacked our professional town manager for no reason. We have lost a first-rate ambassador! There has never been a single complaint about her performance these past eight years! The mayor snidely suggests “change is good.” It may be temporarily good for him and his lackeys who seek to remake our form of government to their liking.

The town’s affable engineer has been selected to manage the town’s complex, multi-million-dollar operations. He lacks the training, education and experience required for this position. Fortunately, no member of the Argazzi family was appointed, not yet anyways.

Denise McNair has been an outstanding administrator. She is educated, dedicated to her work, honest, ethical and a real team player. She enjoys the respect of the town employees who she has treated fairly in an even-handed way. She has helped keep our government stable. There have been no incidents of incompetence or misfeasance during her tenure. The town’s credit rating is excellent. Town services are delivered in a timely manner at reasonable cost. She has worked well with all the boards and commissions. She is well regarded and respected by her peers.

Earlier this year our talented finance director was compelled to find a job in another town. Who is next?

We will have the opportunity in November to make the necessary ‘good changes’ to the council membership.

Stephen J. Anderson


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