YOUR VIEW: A look ahead for city, state and national government

Published on Sunday, 22 January 2017 21:12
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To the Editor:

Mayor Erin Stewart opened her reelection campaign on Thursday evening. A huge group of supporters - well over 200 - filled the St. George Hall on West Main Street.

The mayor outlined the accomplishments of her administration as well as the challenges she has faced since taking office in 2013. Also, she mentioned the initiatives and challenges to be faced if reelected in November.

Interestingly, our recently elected president, Donald J. Trump, was inaugurated Friday.. Immediately after the ceremony he began his duties by signing documents re POTUS Executive Orders.

Two similar events: nationally, the country awaits the first actions of the new president and in the other, a reelection campaign kickoff for Mayor Stewart. City government must continue function to serve all taxpayers and to provide all residents with those services unique to those who reside here.

This month, a new municipal budget process begins. Also, the state legislature has begun its new session during which decisions will be made on aid to all municipalities and any new laws that will affect all state residents and state businesses.

Will more businesses and residents find it more advantageous to leave the state? Will our state and local taxes and regulations continue to make our state’s financial profile “unhealthy?” Our politicians must learn to be less political; they must begin to work together and be willing to compromise to make Connecticut an attractive place in which to live and to do business.

Locally, Mayor Stewart has made important decisions to create a city environment that is increasingly more attractive and financially healthy. Our state government has made it increasingly difficult to maintain this health by not paying the city the PILOT monies we deserve. Almost 50 percent of all city land is nontaxable, much of it state property.

Nationally, will our Congress cooperate with President Trump or will it find it more attractive to be uncooperative. Time shall tell !

Lou Salvio, alderman

New Britain

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