Your View: Reader offers a correction, seeks more diversity

Published on Sunday, 2 April 2017 19:00
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On March 27, E.J. Dionne, in his column printed in the New Britain Herald, made the claim that the U.S. is the “only wealthy democracy in the world that doesn’t provide health coverage to all its people”. That is misleading.

Switzerland, certainly a wealthy democracy, does not provide free health coverage. It does, however, require everyone to purchase health insurance on the open market. Insurers must offer basic health insurance at equal cost to everyone and at no profit, but costs may vary between different insurers. However, for-profit “complementary” plans may also be offered to provide a higher level of care. The general goal of the Swiss healthcare system is to keep the system competitive across lines between their “cantons” (similar to our states), promote general public health, and reduce costs while encouraging individual responsibility.

Mr. Dionne, as all of the columnists you use from the Washington Post, relishes every opportunity to debase anything the Republicans are trying to do. Why Mr. Dionne continues to occupy your prime op-ed space so frequently is disturbing to me. I know you also run opposing views from other sources, but could you please consider adding more diversity to your op-eds to balance them more evenly. If I wanted to read the Washington Post, I’d subscribe to it. I want an unbiased local paper, and you are it!

Donald M. Chamberlin


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