YOUR VIEW: Proposed Wheeler renovation 'over the top'

Published on Thursday, 11 May 2017 19:14
Written by John Kisluk


To the Editor:

Well, folks, some people have no problem spending other people’s money.

We have the architect of the Wheeler renovation project, who would seem to say: the higher the cost of the project, the more money they make. Next, the superintendent and principal are making it sound like conditions are dangerous for the students and the school is in a state of extreme deterioration, yet the school is occupied. The superintendent claims that our taxes will not increase because of this project; what she is not telling you, is that because of projects like this, taxpayers will continue to fork over $4.7 million a year to keep up with paying the loans that our leaders keep adding to. If we stop this excessive borrowing and pay off some of these loans, taxes would have a chance to drop at least 2 mills.

The superintendent and principal are giving input as to what they want in the renovation project, thus adding to the cost. The disturbing part of their input is that they are not Plainville taxpayers, which means that they will not contribute one cent in paying for the project. These town employees are paid a handsome salary and benefit package that most Plainville taxpayers can only dream about.

As far as I am concerned, the needs of the renovation should come from the facilities director and his staff, not an architect who wants to redesign the school or some employees with a wish list.

Your tax dollars are being spent on an over-the-top excessive and costly renovation project.

Be sure to vote on June 6th.; tell the town council to cut the cost of this project. A few years back, voters told the town to cut the Toffolon project and we saved more than $2 million. Remember, buildings do not teach!

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