Your View: Reader suggests consolidating towns into 8 districts

Published on Friday, 9 June 2017 20:04
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To the Editor:

Property taxes are out of control mainly because the state of Connecticut’s legislature has failed in its responsibility to provide a safe and affordable place to live.

Every time a new budget with increases is considered, it seems the only way to balance the budget is to increase taxes. Our legislature should initiate an urgent study to consolidate and regionalize all 169 municipalities into eight managed countries. It’s about time our elected officials think outside their insulated box.

This state needs a new concept on how to manage and finance operations.

Gary LeBeau (ex-state senator from East Hartford) states: “The problem with state efficiency is redundancy with 169 towns. Consolidation would save billions of dollars. If we do not make changes, then our quality of life will diminish.

It is time to react.

William N. Wixon


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