YOUR VIEW: Big Daddy Laundromat came to the rescue

Published on Wednesday, 19 July 2017 20:18
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To the Editor:

Late Sunday our clothes dryer suddenly stopped working, leaving us with two loads of wet laundry.

Desperate for options, we decided to rush over to Big Daddy 2 Laundromat at 145 Stanley St. in New Britain, hoping for a small miracle. Arriving at 9:45 p.m. we were happy to see the lights still on, but were we out of the woods?

The owner, Ms. Seka Beganović, not only allowed us to dry our laundry, but also graciously offered to help us load the dryers (last dry is 9 p.m. as is posted on the front door).

She insisted we stayed until all our laundry was dry and folded, which turned out to be much later than the closing time.

As the owner of Big Daddy 2 Laundromat for seven years, we found Ms. Beganović’s empathy and generosity gratifying to say the least, turning our Excedrin headache into a happy ending.

Needless to say, we heartily recommend her establishment to all.

Thank you Ms. Beganović!

Stasia and John Rodriguez Jr.

New Britain

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