Your View: Ronalter is dedicated to New Britain

Published on Friday, 18 August 2017 20:43
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To the Editor:

I am compelled to write regarding your article about the Fire Department and the alleged racism of the chief, Tom Ronalter. I have known Tom his entire life and to call him racially insensitive is totally ludicrous. He is the epitome of a thoughtful, educated and just man who has devoted his entire life to the city of New Britain.

Although he rarely speaks of the community services he is involved with, I know of some of the volunteer positions he has held in an effort to make New Britain a community to be proud of. His love for this city is evident in many ways and he could be the ‘poster child’ for community involvement.

In an era sociologists call ‘the great white flight to suburbia,’ Tom bought a home in New Britain. He was the chairman for our sesquicentennial, has been a Red Cross volunteer and currently serves on their board as well as on the board of our EMS. He is also the president of the Rebuilding Together and actively participates in community events when possible.

To those calling for his resignation, I say: what have you done for New Britain outside of collecting a paycheck?

I am appalled by the one-sided nature of the consultant’s report and your reporter’s story. Chief Carr would also be shocked to hear that the man who gave his eulogy is being called racially insensitive.

Wake up, New Britain! Don’t allow the chief to be railroaded out of our town!

Mary Monsees

New Britain

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