Berlin council candidate asks for a GOP vote

Published on Friday, 6 October 2017 20:38
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To the Editor:

In a previous letter, former Democrat-appointed town attorney, Mr. Stephen Anderson, has asserted the Berlin Republicans are “cronies.”

We have had a few people quit, resign, or retire in the last year or so, but instead of appointing political cronies, which had been done in the past under Democratic control, we have followed the best practices and methods available and according to our charter. I guess Mr. Anderson, as a member of the Democratic Town Committee has forgotten why he was appointed as the town attorney!

For example, when the Republican-controlled Town Council put the town attorney position out to bid, current Democratic Councilor Rachel Rochette voiced her opinion that she thought that was an excellent idea. Why, you may ask?

The previous town attorney had a contract approved by the last Democrat-controlled Town Council that included health benefits and retirement benefits for basically an outside vendor/contractor. This is not a standard practice anywhere. By putting this out to bid, the Republican-controlled Town Council has saved the taxpayers money.

Now that is the cronyism Mr. Anderson was talking about!

In these unsettling fiscal times here in Connecticut, if an employee retires or resigns, we, as a Town Council, along with the town manager and staff, have a duty and responsibility, to seek out the most efficient way to fund any service the town provides for its residents.

When an employee leaves, we may find a way to consolidate departments, subcontract out more services, or any other idea that may be a cost saver, yet provides the same level of services.

We have some very qualified people in Town Hall and Board of Education, including our interim Town Manager Jack Healy, Finance Director Kevin Delaney, Board of Education Director of Business Operations Eva Gallupe, and especially our Town Clerk, Kate Wall, who are all working hard to save us money in these challenging financial times.

All of these people mentioned, I feel, have been insulted by Mr. Anderson’s comments.

I am asking you to continue to support Mayor Mark Kaczynski and the Republican ticket so that we can continue on a path of fiscal responsibility.

Brenden Luddy

Current member and candidate for the Berlin Town Council

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