Your View: Remembering all the Democrats have done for Berlin

Published on Thursday, 12 October 2017 21:48
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To the Editor:

There was a letter to the editor last week that caught my attention. It questioned a management decision made by a previous Berlin Democratic administration. I thought about it and remembered all the good reasons why that decision was made at the time including a large number of housing units proposed to be constructed in that area.

That brought to mind a solid list of good management decisions, forethought and faith in the people of Berlin that Berlin Democrats have amassed over the years. They include: Berlin Municipal Complex, Hubbard, Griswold, McGee, BHS, Sage Park, Timberlin Golf Course, Senior Housing, Animal Control Shelter, Percival Pool, Bittner Dinda Demore Memorial Park and Pool, Industrial Parks, Little League Fields and the list goes on.

These were just some of the “management decisions” under Democratic administrations that helped make Berlin the town we all chose to live in. Many or all are examples of projects the Republicans have fought. It’s easy to be fiscally responsible when someone else has already taken care of the needs of the citizens.

The Berlin Democratic slate this year under the lead of Rich Paskiewicz for mayor is a slate we can be proud of and secure in the understanding that good management decisions, forethought and faith in the people of Berlin will return to our town.

Carol Yorker


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