Your View: Disappointed in Board of Ed vote

Published on Thursday, 12 October 2017 21:50
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To the Editor,

I was disappointed to see the vote that the Board of Education took last week with regard to having bipartisan leadership of the board. I have to say what surprised me the most, was that the Democratic candidate for mayor, Mr. Gay, voted against this.

As an independent voter, I think I speak for many when I say that I want a leader who can work across party lines to get the job done.

I was taken back by his comments that, “this forces you to put a president and vice president together who don’t agree with each other.” Does he assume that just because people are of two different political parties they won’t get along, or that he wouldn’t want to work with someone just because they aren’t of his party? His reasoning and his vote proves to me that he is more interested in playing partisan politics then doing what’s right for our city, I certainly wouldn’t trust him in the mayor’s office.

I like the way things are going now so my vote is to keep it that way. I hope all those reading this will think long and hard about that too.

Sergio DeJesus

New Britain

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