Your View: Leave Pistol Creek alone

Published on Thursday, 12 October 2017 21:51
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To the Editor:

Anne Reilly’s letter suggesting that Pistol Creek is an example of poor management by Democrats is wrong. Ms. Reilly has forgotten a developer was poised to bulldoze the 100 acres and construct hundreds of apartments or condos, bringing thousands of new residents to Berlin and pushing our town services and schools beyond the limits. Thankfully, this proposal was rejected.

In 2008, the town purchased 78 acres as open space property for our residents to enjoy and use for generations. Berlin’s investment in this parcel was the best example of bi-partisan cooperation by the Town Council. Eight former mayors, including three Republicans, joined together in support of this purchase. Politics played no role.

So, Ms. Reilly, there is no blame to assess, only a thank you to those council members, Republicans and Democrats, who recognized the value of this land.

This Republican suggests you stop searching for blame and begin searching for a new town manager, rehab the ancient police headquarters that was promised, and develop the vacant, unsightly property on the turnpike.

Leave Pistol Creek alone.

Richard Benson


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