YOUR VIEW: It's against the law to vandalize election signs

Published on Sunday, 15 October 2017 21:34
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To The Editor

The various political parties in New Britain have selected slates of candidates for the various offices available in the Nov. 7 municipal election. As is usual, many candidates have purchased lawn signs advertising their candidacies requesting and hoping for your votes. These signs are personal property and have been placed on lawns, etc., where permission has been granted by the property owners. As such, it is a crime for these signs to be vandalized or stolen by anyone. People that engage in this criminal behavior are not only ill-mannered but also uncivilized. If any voter doesn’t like the candidates named on the signs, the appropriate behavior would be to vote for someone else. Any other behavior is unintelligent, boorish, and disrespectful.

Once again, current Mayor Erin E. Stewart is the GOP candidate for re-election. The mayor, for her team has brought together an eclectic group comprising candidates from the various political parties; some are candidates for re-election as is she, while some are new faces replacing retiring or otherwise unavailable current council members.

It is my opinion that Mayor Stewart and her team offer the best choice for New Britain voters to continue the fiscal and productive growth all city residents have enjoyed for the past four years. I ask the voters of New Britain to join me and vote for continued progress for our city. Vote for the entire Stewart team. As an old saying says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

Lou Salvio

New Britain

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