YOUR VIEW: Stewart for governor? Then support Gay for mayor

Published on Friday, 20 October 2017 21:47
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To the Editor:

During the past calendar year, it has become increasingly clear that our mayor has intentions to run for statewide office, possibly governor, in 2018.

Republican Erin Stewart has repeatedly said that she “will not rule out” a run for governor and went as far as saying she is “strongly considering a run for governor” on Spanish radio just a few months ago.

If Stewart wants to run for governor, I wish her luck. But she needs to be honest with New Britain voters. New Britain has real issues, whether it be protecting our water assets, the ever-increasing tax burden on our city’s residents, or our schools. These issues require long-term planning and a mayor who is willing to work full time, not one campaigning for the next best office.

We need a mayor who understands our city’s issues and is committed to serving their full term. That’s why I will be voting for Democrat Merrill Gay on Tuesday, Nov. 7. “

Robert Sanchez

New Britain

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