Your View: Plainville GOP team will be fiscally watchful

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 19:59
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To the Editor:

Unlike the state of Connecticut, Plainville has managed its affairs much, much better, especially when it comes to the financial side. Plainville has been very prudent in how it spends our tax money and has been able to build up a “rainy day” fund that can carry it through tough times. I attribute this to the wise decisions made by the Republican-controlled Town Council and Board of Education. It has been through their efforts that Plainville has kept moving forward in a progressive manner without over-burdening the taxpayers. They have always looked at things in the realm of ‘do we need this’ or ‘is it necessary’ or ‘is it just something we would like to have.’ Yes, it is nice to be able to just get something that you would like to have but they have always asked, ‘can we afford it’ or ‘will it be a burden to the taxpayers’ or ‘do we really need it.’ They have also looked closely at what already exists to see if changes can be made to save money, such as re-bonding at a lower rate. The school board with their financial prudence has reaped awards on what they have accomplished. These are some of the reasons why I ask you to support the Republicans in the November election and keep the stability we been having in Plainville continuing. I ask you to please vote the Republican team.

George Fensick, III


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