Your View: State budget proposals would force mil rate increase

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 19:58
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To the Editor:

Why are home owners being singled out for punishment?

Someone has to ask Governor Malloy and the state legislators why they are trying to punish the homeowners of Connecticut.

First, it was Malloy … by insisting that the cities should contribute money to the teacher’s retirement fund … knowing full well that the mil rate of each town would increase substantially and create a situation that would see retired teachers, who are homeowners, to subsidize the very pension they are drawing.

Those retired teachers, who don’t own a home, don’t have to worry about continuing to subsidize their pensions. Ditto for those who are living out-of-state.

And now the legislators apparently want equal time in punishing homeowners, with their proposal to eliminate car taxes. Of course, if this happens, all the towns and cities will be forced to increase their respective mill rates to make up for the lost revenue they need to run things. Once again, non-home owners, who don’t have to worry about the mill rate in the towns in which they live, get the benefit of this car-tax repeal … at the expense of the home owner.

The older I get…the more I realize that Forrest Gump’s momma was right…

“Stupid is as stupid does!”

Joe Arnone

New Britain

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