Your View: Thankful Gay opposes Trump agenda

Published on Thursday, 26 October 2017 18:19
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To the Editor:

Today our country is more divided than ever. Every day I turn on the news and I see something terrible coming out of the Trump administration.

As a Muslim American, this makes me fear for my community and myself.

Erin Stewart does a good job staying neutral on the issue of Trump by throwing around ambiguous statements about community and diversity without actually addressing the issue at hand. Meanwhile, she surrounds herself with politicians who support the Trump agenda, including people currently running on her slate.

That is why I am so incredibly proud to be supporting Merrill Gay this November. He has made it very clear that the Trump agenda is not welcome in New Britain. He has promised to protect our city’s immigrants from the aggressive immigration policies espoused by Trump. He stands by all of New Britain’s dreamers. He has assembled a slate that is as diverse as our great city with half being women and half being people of color. In an age where these groups are constantly under attack, that is an incredible accomplishment. Vote Row A this September! We do not need anyone in office who cannot wholely and unambiguously denounce Trump and his policies.

Alicia Hernandez Strong

New Britain

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