Your View: Hoping to see Team Stewart re-elected

Published on Thursday, 26 October 2017 18:21
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To the Editor:

It’s campaign season in New Britain yet again with the next round of municipal elections scheduled for Tuesday Nov. 7th. After spending time researching all of the candidates, I have come to a rather simple conclusion: we must not turn control of our city over to the Democrats.

As I reviewed the recent candidate debate that took place on Oct. 14th, it became increasingly clear that Merrill Gay is someone I do not want anywhere near the mayor’s office as he appears to be completely unaware of what is going on in his own city. During the debate, Mr. Gay criticized Mayor Erin Stewart for not doing much of anything to improve New Britain’s economic standing. In fact, the opposite is true. During her four years in office, Mayor Stewart, with the help of her bipartisan team on the Common Council turned a $30 million deficit into a surplus and produced four years of balanced budgets. Also as a result of making smart, though difficult decisions, our bond rating has enjoyed a four-notch upgrade to A+. Let’s not forget that under her leadership, over 600 new jobs have been created and just recently, groundbreaking took place on the Columbus Commons project which will add a breath of fresh air to downtown. Overall, a job well done.

One more very important item to keep in mind is that the Democrats are running candidates that want to make New Britain a sanctuary city without being fully aware of the consequences of what having that dubious distinction means in terms of public safety and getting much-needed funding from the federal government. This is nothing short of dangerous!

This year’s municipal election is an important one for our city’s future. As voters prepare to head to the polls, they need to ask themselves this question: do we want to continue moving our city forward, or do we want to risk losing ground on all the progress we have made?

For me, the answer to that question is clear. New Britain has come a long way over the past four years, but there is still work to do and there is only one group of people I trust to get the job done. That is Team Stewart!

Daniel Ringwood

New Britain

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