Your View: Opponent says Stewart will raise taxes

Published on Monday, 30 October 2017 20:10
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To the Editor:

I can care less whether any voters vote for me but your liberty is at stake for next two years of tax.

More taxes will rob you out of your lifetime future.

I have been committed to run for office for the last six years because I care; races have nothing to do with changes.

I neither support both parties for years because the leaders we have to select were far from governing. I believe a child could have run a city better blind than what we have elected into offices.

If Patrick Henry was right about giving me liberty or give me death, a man has nothing to live for.

If the mayor’s taxes are not enough at 60 percent on a dollar, you have not seen anything when the mayor gets reelected. Paul Revere will be riding as a ghost yelling “the Stewarts are coming.’” It won’t be the tea party; it will be the poor and the needy that have no place to go.

We are all American.

I believe we can all live together without tax representations.

Alfred Mayo

New Britain

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