YOUR VIEW: City leaders urged to 'own' Manafort as it does Springer

Published on Tuesday, 7 November 2017 19:27
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To our candidates: We do not have the time or resources for a weak, irresponsible mayor.

As a leader, you are expected to speak out in defense - no, in support of your community. As a representative of your community, you are expected to acknowledge and own your community’s past and present shortcomings just as you acknowledge your community’s strengths and achievements.

You need to show both your community and the world that you are responsible and capable of seeing opportunities for growth when disaster strikes (you know, the ones people who aren’t leadership material overlook?).

There are times when doing so might be either unnecessary or detrimental to your community, but the week before elections is not one of those. If you care about the community you intend to lead, you need to jump at any chance you get to show you have the same traits that, historically, have proven most prevalent in (and beneficial to) your people. Remember, you represent them.

So where’s your New Britain spirit? Where was it when Vivian Yee wrote her article? Where did your creativity, industry, ingenuity, grit, courage, and uniquely New Britain-ish perspective go? You need to own Manafort the way you own Springer. You must publicly and clearly condemn Manafort’s actions and choices. You must refuse to excuse his actions and choices.

You need to own, to embrace those traits you share with both George Springer and Paul Manafort, Jr. (Remember: you need all six to earn a title like MVP, to succeed in politics, to pursue more in life.)

Always encourage your fellow citizens to recognize those same traits in themselves without shame or fear. Promise your community and the world to promote and practice integrity in everything you do. And, , follow through with that promise.

Faithe Gregory

Tunxis Community College

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