Your View: Reader takes issue with letter writer's viewpoint

Published on Monday, 13 November 2017 16:43
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To the Editor:

Wednesday’s Herald (11/8/17) carried a letter from one Faithe Gregory of Tunxis Community College.

This letter was one of the more ridiculous letters I have ever seen. The writer boasts that as a college representative she finally recognizes that no person is 100 percent perfect in all aspects of life. Likewise, there is no gathering of people, city, state, town, country, colleges, etc., where all people are immaculate. But, Ms. Gregory wants New Britain and its mayor to be just that.

She feels that if we celebrate George Springer’s accomplishments in professional baseball, that we must also “celebrate” the misfortunes of Paul Manafort. In the religion I practice we celebrate, quietly, only one such “immaculate” person.

There are strengths and weaknesses in all people. We hope that the strengths always outweigh the weaknesses. This is true whether we are talking about personalities or professions.

Yes, the actions of a small group of people make the headlines while most of us live our lives in anonymity. That’s the way life is. Newspapers print what they feel people want to know - those things that sell papers! Ms. Gregory, you will be remembered for writing your letter.

Lou Salvio

New Britain

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