YOUR VIEW: Reader says city taxes are too high

Published on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 18:58
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To the Editor:

I think our town needs to stand back a little and take a look at our spending. As a taxpayer for over 40 years, I can no longer absorb higher taxes and am sure many others feel the same - taxes higher than any surrounding towns that are in better shape than we are.

Twenty-five thousand dollars for a Christmas tree - we are not Rockefeller Center.

Five million dollars for the new Stanley Pool?

Selling our water when we need other people to buy from us as needed - and many other expenses we cannot afford, if we are to continue living here.

Our tax meeting goes like this: five people attended, five minutes to talk, no interaction with our board, just ‘next, please’ and over. Sad. Our mayor never came.

She has done a nice job on the city but we need to cut back for awhile until we are in better shape. Surrounding towns pay much less than we do and they have so much more. Please consider us.

Come on, people, speak up!

Dolores Sherwill

New Britain

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