YOUR VIEW: Berlin should have fired the council

Published on Tuesday, 13 February 2018 21:28
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To The Editor:

It has been a year. One year since the Republican members of the Berlin Town Council secretly and suddenly forced out our Town Manager Denise McNair. One year since Ms. McNair was unceremoniously driven from office on a party-line vote.

One year since the Council Republicans fired our town manager, and then stated that she resigned; and then stated you was fired because they wanted to bring Berlin to the “next level;” and then stated that firing her was one of the signature accomplishments of their term in office.

So what has happened over the past year? The Republican-majority Council has not been able to find this “next level” as they have been completely unable to find a new town manager, with one unsuccessful search following another.

The Republican Council has also violated the Town Charter by appointing an “interim manager” for the past year, despite the fact that Section 5-1 of the Charter expressly limits the use of an Interim Town Manager for “not more than one hundred eighty days.”

Additionally, the appointment of a town manager who does not “reside in the town during the tenure of his office” is a violation of Section 5-1 of the Town Charter. Interesting that the Republicans on the council, who were such adamant proponents of charter change, are unable or unwilling to follow the clear language of the Town Charter.

This is what happens when politics and personal animosity gets in the way of what’s best for Berlin. Driving away executive talent. Making our community unattractive to new leadership. Blatant violations of the Town Charter. Why is it so hard for our Republican council members to follow our Town Charter, and put the interest of Berlin before their own interests?

As for our former town manager? She’s already been hired by another Connecticut community. Maybe Berlin should have kept her and fired the council.

    Gary Brochu


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