YOUR VIEW: No rail, no trail and no, thank you

Published on Wednesday, 14 February 2018 21:28
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To The Editor:

It was very disconcerting to see so many out-of-town people at the recent Trail Gap Closure Hearing/Town Council Meeting using seemingly coercive rhetoric, trying to cajole Plainville citizens into building a toll-free Plainville taxpayer subsidized superfluous trail through the Town of Plainville. Kind of reminds us of our Connecticut roads that out-of-state people use toll free.

The real thing - I’m not talking about Coca-Cola. I’m talking about the Old Historical Canal Mule Haul Trail 30 feet east of the property lines of Hollyberry Lane residences. It was constructed with rudimentary equipment by hand and hoofs – completed over 190 years ago. It remarkably is still in its original state, not messed with human hands or modern equipment, most likely because it passes through wetlands and floodplain. My understanding is that it is privately owned – not town owned as I’ve heard as a rumor.

I am willing to bet that very few people, townspeople, or out-of-town people, pushing, proposing, basically bullying us to use the towpath as an appropriate avenue to complete this poorly researched Alignment “C” trail design through the Town of Plainville, probably have not actually seen it or been on it.

Why someone would want to give up some of their valuable property to this trail design is questionable.

And that should be true about giving up town-owned land also. I don’t think anybody, non-government, believes in eminent domain. I certainly don’t, because it is not fair. Gov. Malloy recently talked about fairness in his State-of the-State address, and for what? A ridiculous, overly extended, 10-foot wide passageway weaving its way through public and private lands and roads, just because mostly out-of-town people want to pass though Plainville.

Regardless of what our town leaders decide, my hope is that our state and federal leaders will finally put a stop to this incredibly stupid, expensive, negatively impacting and invasive idea of an alternate trail through the great Town of Plainville. No rail, no trail.

Joel Edman


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