YOUR VIEW: Chairwoman is causing 'chaos' in Berlin

Published on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:52
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To The Editor:

Republican Town Committee chairwoman Anne Riley has no “risk” in this town like many of our students and residents do. She runs attacks on the Democrats, and other residents in our town when she only lives up here “part time.”

If she’s not causing havoc and chaos in Berlin she’s down at her house in Naples, Florida vacationing.

Nevertheless, she feels entitled to run the Town Council, especially the mayor.

And now she’s trying to cut our education system? Anne Riley’s children went to Avon Old Farms they did not come to our great school system, and now she’s looking to cut our education budget. We need to hold Mayor Mark or should I say de facto Mayor Anne Riley accountable not only for his actions but the person he speaks for.

David Brown


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