Your View: Trail gap will be a burden to Plainville taxpayers

Published on Friday, 2 March 2018 18:49
Written by Plainville

To The Editor:

Much to my consternation, I am NOT amazed that our Plainville Town Council unanimously approved the ridiculous, over-extended, negatively-impacting “Trail Gap Closure.”

All the signals were obvious during several months of Plainville homeowners and taxpayers good common sense objections at the podium, etc. Council minds were made up from the beginning due to influences of outside interests, as well as our town management.

So now what? Hopefully, the upper echelons of the State of Connecticut and Federal Government will “see the light.” However, our local state representative and senator are in alliance with their thinking that it will only cost $14 million when it doesn’t take a financial wizard to estimate its cost to over $44 million.

Plainville taxpayers will have to contribute toward some construction costs, but will bear all the maintenance, repair, and replacement and clean-up costs for the forever future with the exception of the coming of Jesus Christ, or nuclear annihilation.

But that is just money. What is a shame is how homeowners along the way and vehicles on the roads will be negatively impacted. I have nothing against changing an abandoned railroad to a trail, but in Plainville that is not to be for a while.

Plainville is not conducively set up for an alternate trail, and Phase #2 to FastTrack in New Britain is also ludicrous in my estimation.


Joel Edman

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