Your View: Billboards are a driving distraction

Published on Friday, 2 March 2018 18:50
Written by New Britain

To The Editor:

Distractive driving has been responsible for many accidents on our highways. Most are attributed to those who are on their cell phones.

It would seem incongruous that the state would aid and abet the practice of distractive driving but that is exactly what is happening.

Pick any one of our major highways, on which to drive, and it won’t be long before the driver is confronted with huge, electronic billboards, located just off the highway, with changing messages. Incredibly, they are often located where sharp bends in the road occur…places where it is vital to maintain one’s lane.

Although these billboards appear to be erected on private property, just off the highway, these commercial businesses should not be allowed to hide behind the First Amendment, in their endeavors to promote their product.

They are designed to attract the attention of the occupant(s) of the motor vehicles and in the process they are creating dangerous distractions.

Hello!! Is there anyone home in the Department of Transportation??

Joe Arnone

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