YOUR VIEW: Tilcon project is bad for people, environment

Published on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 19:35
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To the Editor:

Thanks for continuing to report in detail on the proposal to lease 130 acres of New Britain water department land to Tilcon for rock mining. The report on the project prepared by the city’s consultant Lenard Engineering claims that after 50 years of rock mining, a new reservoir in a 109-acre hole blasted into the earth would increase the city’s potable water storage by 45 percent (adding 2.3 billion gallons to the current storage in City reservoirs of 2.8 billion gallons). It is difficult to ascertain the actual benefit to the City for a number of reasons, including the consultant’s recalculation of safe yield that appears to put the Copper Mine Brook area at risk.

Probably more important, I do not see a calculation for the millions of gallons of water-storage capacity that would be lost over 50 years as 100 acres of earth and rock are removed. All this land and rock today holds water that can recharge supply. The deal for the city seems to be on the lines of: we’re going to take away most of your savings for 50 years, but don’t worry; we’ll pay you back with interest (if all goes well). Meanwhile, on 130 acres, every living creature and every green plant will be destroyed.

Margaret Miner

Executive Director

Rivers Alliance of Connecticut

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