YOUR VIEW: Official's statement on Tilcon was misleading

Published on Thursday, 29 March 2018 20:50
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To The Editor:

I read with interest the recent Herald/Press article where the Plainville Town Planner indicated Tilcon has about 12 years left at its Woodford Avenue quarry. Tilcon wants to expand that operation onto New Britain Water Company protected watershed to quarry for another 50 years.

That life span is consistent with what Tilcon said when this was proposed in 2007. Tilcon’s Director of Real Estate and Environmental Compliance in March 12, 2008 testimony before the state legislature said the quarry “will be exhausted and unable to operate in about 20 years.”

In 2007, Tilcon’s public relations firm created a website dedicated to supporting the proposal called “KEEP THE QUARRY CONTRIBUTING.COM”, which stated “In an estimated 20 years, this quarry will be unable to sustain its current mining operations.”

In connection with the 2016 resurrected proposal and in preparation for the March, 2016 New Britain and Plainville Town Hall meetings, Tilcon’s public relations firm put together a “Tilcon/New Britain Reservoir Proposal FAQs” (frequently asked questions) summary. It stated if the proposal was unsuccessful “Blasting will continue, as there is another 25-30 years of life left in the mine. If this project is not approved, blasting would be as close to 300 feet to some houses.”

Mayor Stewart has adopted the new Tilcon math. In her March 7, 2016 testimony to the state legislature she states unless this proposal moves forward blasting will continue for “30 years” and Tilcon can come “within 200 feet of someone’s home.”

In response to the Southington Town Council’s decision rescinding the town’s support for the proposal, she wrote to the then Town Manager Garry Brumbach on August 30, 2017 pointing out “Tilcon currently has the mining rights to continue in their present footprint for another 4 decades.”

This false and/or misleading information, intended to deceive the public and scare quarry neighbors (and towns) into thinking if the proposal is not approved Tilcon will blast to within 200-300 feet of homes for 30-40 years, is shameful and inexcusable.

Paul E. Zagorsky

New Britain

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